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iTunes is an Apple software that allows you to manage and purchase media. Since 2003, Apple has successfully sold music via iTunes and has revolutionized the music market. In the past few years, iTunes has been expanded and now offers music, movies, series, e-books as well as apps and games for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Macs and more. Download and use of the software are free of charge. Only the purchase of media costs. Use an iTunes voucher for this, but it will also be much cheaper or even free.

Download cheaper with an iTunes voucher

In the above list of current iTunes discount codes and offers on FOCUS you will find various discounts and discounts for Apple’s Downloadshop. In order to get more affordable to apps, games, music, movies and co, there are several possibilities. Either you are solving a download code in the form of an iTunes coupon or an action code and will receive the product associated with the voucher as a free download. Alternatively, you can redeem a gift card from Postbank, Kaufland and Co, which you have purchased at a discount. We’ll show you how to do both.

How to redeem action codes

Redeeming iTunes voucher codes is possible either in the free software for PC and Mac or in the iTunes app on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. In the iTunes software, click “Account” in the navigation. In the menu that opens, choose “Redeem …”. A window will appear where you enter your iTunes Action Code. After clicking on the Reward button, the iTunes voucher will be redeemed and the rebate will be granted.

On an Apple device like an iPhone or an iPad, you can also easily download download codes. Scroll down to the bottom of the iTunes Store app. There you will find a button “Redeem”. Tap to start the redemption process. After you have verified or logged in with your iTunes password again, or have registered for the first time, the input mask appears. Copy the iTunes Action Code or tap it over the embedded keyboard. Then tap the Redeem link at the top right to get the items associated with the download code free of charge. Alternatively, load your credit to your iTunes account.

Voucher rules for new and existing customers

A prerequisite for redeeming an iTunes voucher is, of course, that the voucher code is valid and thus redeemable. Usually, action codes for iTunes have only a limited shelf life of usually 30 days. Within this time, the download codes must be used to download the related articles free of charge. Apart from a validity period, there are usually no other conditions (eg a minimum order value). Please pay attention to the redemption conditions, which we have deposited in the voucher details. To do so, click on the link “Show credit details” under the relevant quotation button.

Save with gift cards from Postbank, Kaufland and Co.

In addition to redeeming an iTunes voucher in the form of a download code for a free download, there are even more ways to save money. Although not directly, but over a small detour. You can buy gift cards for iTunes in numerous retail chains such as Saturn, Edeka, Postbank, Kaufland, Rossmann and Co. Also as a bonus, there is often a credit card for iTunes. These have a default value of 15, 25, 50, or 100 euros, which will be converted to credit on the iTunes account when redeemed.

You will then use this credit for shopping at iTunes. This is handy because you do not have to rely on a credit card or any of the other payment methods. But it also allows you to go to an extrarabatta. Regularly, credit cards are available for iTunes. Then save on purchase or receive more credit for the same purchase price. Or you do not wait for the next promotion. Instead, simply redeem a valid voucher for one of the trading chains when buying a gift card.

Digital content almost without borders

The selection on iTunes can almost always kill new customers at the first contact, but also existing customers again and again. Alone in the “App Store”, the area for apps and games, more than a million products are found. To this end, iTunes still offers an unbelievable wealth of music, countless films and series as well as books. Individual songs are already available at 99 cents, and many apps are even available free of charge with optional in-app purchases or advertising ads. You can buy films not only permanently, but also for a limited time – saving money.

Purchasing on iTunes

In principle the process of a purchase with iTunes with an iOS device or in the software on the PC or Mac hardly differ. Go to the program and find the content you want. If you do not have an iTunes voucher to redeem, buy it by clicking or tap on the price. If you are a new customer, log into your account as new customers. Then the purchase is already completed and the download of the digital content starts. A minimum order value does not exist.

Payments on the iTunes Store

Whether you are now buying music from your favorite band, a romantic movie for the evening for a couple or a new shooter for your iPhone – is paid with one of these payment options:

  • Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express)
  • Mobile phone (only Vodafone and O2)
  • iTunes credit

It was also possible to pay via ClickandBuy. However, the payment provider stopped operating in the middle of 2016. You do not have to pay for it, of course, if you use an iTunes voucher in the form of a download code, which allows you to download the free, non-paying download of digital content.

Revocation and return of digital content

Apple generally grants a 14-day right of withdrawal for all digital content on iTunes. This means that you can withdraw from the purchase within 14 days, without giving any reasons, just like the classic onlineshop. For this, you must notify Apple of your decision and request a refund of the purchase price. You can do this via the Internet address After logging in with your access data, simply fill out the form. Within a few days, an Apple representative will contact you to confirm the cancellation and credit. A return or a revocation is however not possible for iTunes gifts, whose code has already been solved.

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