Last Day On Earth Survival Hack

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Last Day on Earth Zombie Survival Cheats and Walkthrough for Apple iPhone and iPad. Looking for support for survival? Understandable, as the new mobile game is extremely challenging. It must therefore cheats and tips. Best of all a Walkthrough.

The game of developer Andrey Prykhin can be downloaded free of charge in the app store of the iPhone manufacturer. After the download, the spectacle is approximately 210 MBytes on the iOS devices. A German localization is available, provided iOS 7.0 or higher.


The download is rewarded with a really good game. The story also has it in itself: In the year 2027 a virus from a secret military laboratory from the dust and clears in turn turn around 80 per cent of humanity.

Stupid only that the deceased promptly as Umtote get up again and make the survival the existence really hard. However, the few people also mutually mutilate each other to get the last resources under the nail. A little gratifying end-time spectacle, because it could also be called an open-world survival game.

The game begins with a guy wearing only a red underwear, a madman running through the woods collecting wood. A little surprising: The nudist is the player who has nothing on hand at the beginning of the game. A primitive ax must therefore be built from pieces and stones. The spear and pointed hook follow.

This makes survival a little easier. Then the construction of a hut is on the task list, which should be secured by sufficient traps. Here, you should not be stingy, since these also other players distant.


In the course of the game the forest can be abandoned and the mountains can be explored. There you will find massive stones that can be used to transform the dreary wooden hut into a wall with solid walls. There are also ore … and a lot of problems.

Sooner or later (actually quite early) the first zombies are on the mat. Well, with the beginners’ undead, you are still light-hearted, but soon dead and yet quite aggressive soldiers join. They are hard to crack, but they have valuable equipment. In the course of the game, it is necessary to permanently improve the equipment.

Last Day on Earth Zombie Survival
The player as a burglar at the neighbor …

The thing is developing into a race against time. Food and water are scarce, equipment also, and even if the latter can be improved, there are more and more zombies. The player can die, and should be prepared for it. A successful search for food can delay the end, with the player then also spending a large part of his time.

There are a few tips that can prolong your life: always keep empty bottles and use them to collect water. A shower should also be built as undead and wolves respond to too strict human rumors with appetite. No, this is no joke.


The construction of a shower requires 10 pine trees, 1 piece of fabric and 3 iron ore. A wash is done with 2 bottles of water. That’s hard, and yet, it’s worth it. A hygienically perfect player can then smell in the forest or in ore areas, whether another (unwashed) player or a zombie is nearby.

Mention should also be made of “The Big One”, a kind of mega zombie. Our tip: the best way out of the way. The game offers much more details and could convince us in a first test absolutely. To get to know we show a walkthrough of the game.

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