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How can you get in Musically fast Likes and more followers. How do some users get so many hearts? In this article we have summarized some tips for you how to get many Likes in and maybe even make it into the recommended or trending list of the app.In times of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, new apps are constantly creating new apps and are not just a few weeks longer. One of these apps is, which was quite unknown a few months ago in Germany, but is now used by hundreds of thousands of users every day to create funny videos.

In Musically or, you can create a short video for popular songs from the pop or film categories, and then share it with friends and the whole world. The published clips can then look at others and give you Likes. The Likes in Musically are the heart, so recognizable at the heart symbol. But how do some users get so many Likes and Followers? get likes and followers Tips for more likes, followers and heartsOf course there is no secret recipe or even a hack for many Likes and Followers in Rather it is as in other portals also work first known and of course you have to have a little luck.

  • Basically, you increase the chance for more followers and hearts already by publishing many videos on Musically. Be active and upload videos on a regular basis, so that people are attracted to you.
  • You can also get more followers by liking the clips of other users of the app. This will draw attention to you and maybe give you a heart.
  • Natural and spontaneous. Anyone who wants to get on the spot and get to be known at is likely to fail. If you are not very lucky, it will take a while for other users to be aware of you. Regularly upload funny clips and have patience, the rest comes from all alone.
  • Use hashtags in Musically: The choice of hashtags plays a big role in the app, of course. Choose hashtags that are popular and search for many other users. Challenges and Hashtags: More hearts and followers

In the app, you can not only spontaneously upload a video and hope that you get lots of hearts and new fans, but there are so-called challenges in the app. Challenges are nothing but challenges that can be seen on the hashtag. To the hashtag you can then publish a video, which can then be viewed by other users. Since the Challenges are a kind of event in, there are of course lots of people on the road and where there are many spectators, there is also a higher chance for new followers and, of course, on Likes.

The Challenges in can be found on the search. Tap on the search and then the different hashtags appear below, which usually represent a challenge. For example, you often see hashtags like the #DontMindChallenge or the #CrazyHairChallenge.

Do you have more tips for with which you can get many followers and Likes faster? If so, share your tips in the comment area with other users.

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